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Antonio Margheriti – Wild Wild Planet (1965)

Criminali della galassia, I (aka Wild Wild Planet) was one of the early films of Antonia Margheriti, who went on to produce…..Cannibal Apocalypse (aka Apocalypse Domani). Compare and contrast – which would you rather watch??

Wild Wild Planet trailer;

IMDB entry for Criminali della galassia, I

IMDB entry for Apocalypse Domani

Last House on the Left and Cannibal Apocalypse VHS scans (pre-certification, early 1980s)

Further to my previous post, here are the VHS cover scans of both the unsettling ‘Last House on the Left’ and the mediocre ‘Cannibal Apocalypse’;

Cannibal Apocalypse scan courtesy of;

Last House on the Left scan courtesy of;