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The Road – the trailer (2009)

Harumph…..this trailer makes the movie look like something that it probably will not turn out to be. If it (the film) is anything like the book, then it should be a suffocatingly emotional affair, a desperate fight for survival, the heartbreaking story of a fathers love and devotion to his son. Not the Michael Bay like action film that the trailer seems to imply. Still, great to see some footage.

The Road is due for release in the US in October, 2009. Who knows when it will hit Europe. No doubt the weather and skies will be suitably bleak when it does arrive.

Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said to become a Movie. Gosh.

Amazing. What with the news that they are going to attempt to bring Cormac McCarthy’s ‘unfilmable‘Blood Meridian’ to the cinema, Jim Thompson’s ‘Killer Inside Me’ should be with us in 2010, and now this news, I just hope they don’t drop the ball in making some of the most mind-blowing cinema ever.

‘Flow my tears..’ is a profoundly moving book, though it is not always exactly clear why you feel moved. The story is about a genetically enhanced pop singer and television star who loses his identity overnight in a dystopic American police state ravaged by civil war. I cannot tell you how good the book is – you have to read it. Likewise with Blood Meridian. There are some images in that book that will never leave my mind. I just don’t know how they will film them…

Production designs for cinematic adaptation of ‘The Road’ (2009)

While we still have no deinitive word on when ‘The Road’, at least IMDB suggest an October 2009 release (though God only knows when we will get it in Europe. Meanwhile, SciFi cool have provided details on Chris Kennedys production designs for the film. Lots of good things to look at here; – Style Frames for “The Road”

The Road (The Movie) – Omar coming! Omar coming! (2009)

This is so exciting – if you have any interest in post-apocalypse fiction, the wonderful Viggo Mortensen, Cormac McCarthy or the awesome Guy Pearce OR brilliant Michael K. Williams (Omar from ‘The Wire’), then you need to check out this link;

The book is depressing, grim, bleak, touching and finally uplifting (but in a bittersweet way). It looks like the director, John Hillcoat, who directed ‘The Proposition’ has got the mood and feel completely nailed down. The pictures really do conjure up the end of everything, of civilisation, of how we live on earth. With Mortensen as the ‘father’, this promises to be something of an amazing ordeal (the book is not at all pleasant, but how could it be?), with a truly awful premise carried on some serious acting talent.

The book left me, in turns, deflated, emotional, in tears, somewhat angry at what we as a human race are capable of, somewhat relieved at the goodness and kindness that humans can show to each other, and altogether feeling I had read a modern classic. I have since read McCarthys ‘Blood Meridian’ and feel that the latter book is probably McCarthys defining work, but nevertheless, ‘The Road’ is am important book, a captivating read and one that leaves you questioning the world, the human race and lots of other big themes and smaller concerns. Some books you read in your life should challenge the way you think and feel, or consolidate your feelings about how you should act as a human and make them clearer to understand. This book does that.

The film is due for release early next year (January 2009). The book is available from all good bookstores, physical or otherwise.

God never spoke – Charlie Adlards work on Walking Dead 48

“He knew only that his child was his warrant. He said: If he is not the word of God God never spoke.”
— taken from page 5 of the book ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy (ISBN: 0330447548)

I keep thinking about that quote from Cormac McCarthy and how it seems to inform this amazing piece of comic art from ‘The Walking Dead’. This single page, comprising four panels of art, is the most heartbreaking, haunting piece of comic book I have ever seen. Seriously. Its the Father and Son bond and a Fathers worst nightmare in 4 illustrations. It gives me goosebumps whenever I look at it. There is only one word in the whole movement, but that one word is the ultimate way expression of realisation and denial. It is lettered simply and its impact is not lessened by its size in comparison to the whole page.

The whole of that issue is infused with sadness, and Adlard is at his best throughout. He also manages to convey the brutality and chaos of war, the terrible violence that can be done to the human body. A truly gifted man.

It does contain spoilers, so if you havent read The Walking Dead #48, don’t click the link;

The Walking Dead #48 page

The Road by Cormac McCarthy – initial thoughts and George Monbiots view

I have just begun reading ‘The Road’, the 2007 Pulitzer Award winning book by American author Cormac McCarthy. Gripping, tragic, beautiful are all superlatives that do not do justice to the brilliance of this work. Set in a post-apocalyptic landscape (its terrible condition described in muted grey tones, dead twisted trees and clouds of ash), this is a story of 2 survivors, a Father and his young Son. The nameless pair travel this dying landscape trying to head South, towards some promise of hope.

McCarthys use of words is potent, the tone biblical and raging at times, poignant at others. I am only 50 pages in and I dont want it to end. Its a book I wish I could have written, but its a book created by a writer who is supremely gifted.

It is interesting as the comic book ‘The Walking Dead’ seems to be taking a direction that is vaguely similar to ‘The Road’. In that series, following cataclysmic events in issue 48, the focus will now shift to concentrate on a Father and Son surviving in a post-apocalytpic world. From issue #49 of that series we will see how closely these two works do resemble each other.

I intend to write more when I read the whole book. For now, I would like to direct you to an article George Monbiot (author of ‘Captive State’ amongst others) has written, praising ‘The Road’.

George Monbiot article from The Guardian newspaper praising ‘The Road’

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