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Review – Resurrection #9 (Oni Press, 2010)

Great cover this month. Nothing to do with the contents inside, but it is a great cover.

The contents inside are okay. I persist with this title because I am genuinely intrigued where this is going. There are some bad episodes, some middling episodes and some great episodes. This falls between ‘middling’ and ‘great’. Maybe ‘griddling’ is an appropriate description. One major character has been ‘chosen’ to receive a ‘gift’ from the alien invaders, and their outcome does not look great. Depending how churlish and immature you are feeling when you read this issue, the ‘gift’ ‘received’ by this character could just as well be a ton of alien ejaculation. It made me smile anyway. There is a bit of running around where people manage to talk long and coherent sentences at the same time – something that always jars with me. Do people have long and coherent conversations when running with purpose?

I thought the reveal at the end was pretty good.

Bill Clinton must be wondering what he is doing in this issue though. He just seems to impress on people he is just an ordinary guy now and that people should call him ‘Bill’. Wonder if the real ‘Bill’ reads it and what he makes of it? He may wish he was in The Walking Dead or Sweet Tooth, because when it comes to post apocalyptic comic titles this one, Resurrection, is well behind the pace of those other 2 titles. But it still has something that draws me back. I just wish I knew what it was. Maybe the knowledge that it has the potential to be a great title.

Also, I could have done without the opening panels reflection on humanity, how we are ‘all’ Road Agents etc. That just felt preachy and turgid, and took away the air of menace about these characters. Ho-hum.

Next time – Resurrection makes it into double figures!