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Review – The Boys #42 (DE, 2010)

That cover really captures the ‘spirit’ of The Boys. If you read the title, I would give you one guess what Starlight had just done to cause her to wipe her mouth – and I bet you would guess correct….

I haven’t reviewed this in a few issues, so I think it is time for a catch-up. The current arc ‘The Innocents’ is as dense as ever in Vought American intrigue, and ‘Superduper’ are not particularly interesting (or funny). But where ‘The Boys’ is hitting the heights is in the fragmentation of The Boys themselves. Butcher no longer trusts Hughie, and Butcher also knows about Hughie and Starlight. Now, MM appears to be on a collision course with Butcher. And in the background, simmering, is the knowledge that sooner or later Annie (aka Starlight) will confess to Hughie about her Super Identity. Strange, exciting times.