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Big K Magazine (1984-85)

Big K was one of the many bright and fun home computing gaming magazines that proliferated around the time of Newsfield’s Crash and Zzap!64 (who also went on to produce LM). Published by IPC, Big K was a lot of fun from what I remember. It tended to have a cover mounted cassette tape of programs to run on various home computers at the time (like the Vic20, Spectrum etc). It can also lay claim to the worlds first digital comic, ‘Shatter’ which was produced on an Acorn computer and published in Big K. For any nostalgics out there, you can view the first issue at the link below;

Read the first issue of Big K at this link (and also lots of other issues of old computer gaming mags)

By March 1985, Big K had been axed, only lasting 12 issues.

Small article on Big K here