DIIIIVVVEE!!! King Leonidis and Prince Vultan exposed!

I just wanted to make you aware of something, because I don’t know if anyone has thought about this much, and this in no way detracts from 2 great performances in 2 excellent films, but….

…. I cant help thinking that King Leonidis from 300 and Prince Vultan from Flash Gordon look kind of similair. They even act alike, shout alike, they are both warrior royalty….starting to make sense?

Look at these 2 pictures and see if you get what I mean. First up is King Leonidis;

and here is Prince Vultan;

Do you see the resemblance? I recommend watching both films alongside each other, mainly because they are great in their own right.

Anyway, glad I got that off my chest. Some links;

All about the 300 comic by Frank Miller
All about the film, 300
All about the Flash Gordon cartoon strip
All about the mighty 1980 film version of Flash
A fansite all about that Flash Gordon movie

My third favourite football shirt ever…

…was the Tampa Bay Rowdies (American ‘soccer’ team from the 70’s and 80’s) designs – I love both the home & away strips. Here is Rodney March wearing the home strip;

and Wes McLeod wearing the away strip, in action in the NASL (North American Soccer League);

A lot of the NASL strips from the 70’s are well worth a look, such as the New York Cosmos, Calfornia Surf and Washington Diplomats. There is an overview of the now defunct NASL here;


and you can get a lot of these shirts (Tamps Bay, Cosmos etc) at Toffs;


My second favourite football shirt – Peru 1978 World Cup

Actually, the Peruvian National strip doesn’t change that much, but this one (see above)from 1978 is a classic, a really bold statement. They had a reasonable World Cup in 1978 as well, getting through the first round as winners of their group, beating the likes of Scotland (who had a miserable campaign);


but then not doing so well in the following group stage. Still, they had a memorable, stylish shirt to wear. Read about the Peruvian National Football team here;


The ‘Old Fashioned Football Shirt Company’, Toffs, do a reproduction of the Peru shirt from 1978;


My favourite football shirt – Zaire 1978 World Cup

Seems to be worn on occasion by musicians (someone from the Zutons, one of Annie Lennox’s band), this shirt is seriously one of the best World Cup shirts, and my favourite football shirt ever. Zaire were the first African team to qualify for the World Cup Finals, and what a way to mark your presence! I just got one off ebay this week from a guy in Italy – here it is;

Isn’t it great? The Green, as opposed to the alternate Yellow strip, really does it for me. I think its the big symbol of a leopard attacking a ball in the centre of the shirt that does it for me.

This is the story of the Zaire / Congo DR National Football team;


and here is a view on the best and worst World Cup shirts;


you can get a (non-adidas) reproduction of the shirt at Toffs;

Toffs website

"You were almost a Jill sandwich!"

The first Resident Evil game was fantastic. The game that kick started the franchise, and also spawned the term ‘Survival Horror’. It is up there as one of the best games series, as well as the original game, and its sequel, Resudent Evil 2, being a couple of the best games on the PS1.


the one thing that did let the game down a little
was the voice acting. Especially Barry Burton, who always sounded like he was in need of a (excuse my crudity) shit. He sort of sounded constipated all the time, and his dialogue (in fact everyones dialogue) was pretty inane.

There are 2 ways you can check this out for yourself. The first is to do what i did a few weeks ago, and fire up the PS1 and play Resident Evil or Resident Evil 2 (as the voice acting is as bad on that one as well). There you get all the bad dialogue in the context of the game.

The second way is to visit this site where you can listen to some of the crap acting isolated from the game. Oh, the horror;