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The Infinite Horizon #5 is out today (image, 2011)

See that link just above? That was posted by me (almost) 3 years ago. I was complaining about the lack of issues #4, 5 & 6 of ‘The Infinite Horizon’. Anyway, click on the link and it’ll all become clearer. Which brings me to today – and look what I see;

now apart from the fact that #5 finally arrived, the real nice surprise is that it is a lovely bit of cover art. It almost made me forget about the 2 and a half year delay between issues.

The Infinite Horizon #5 – out now *thud* (that’s the sound of me hitting the floor in surprise)

Now i’ll have to dig out  #1, 2, 3 & 4 to recap – I am not too good at remembering the finer points of a comic books plot if I have to wait longer than a month for the next installment, let alone a year….. (and I could carry on in this vein forever, but its mean spirited – so all those ‘Infinite Horizon’ readers – rejoice!!)

Whatever happened to Infinite Horizon? The frustration of the comic book reader and awry scheduling.

‘The Inifnite Horizon’, and updating of ‘The Odyssey’ to reflect a modern day America and its troubled relationship with the Middle East, was given much fanfare and attention late last year by Image comics, who were to publish the 6 part series, and the comic community at large.

The initial episodes lived up to the hype, with both the story (by Gerry Duggan) and the art (by Phil Noto) being high calibre and individual enough to stand out from the ranks of superhero titles.

The first 3 episodes had been shipped by Spring 2008, but since then – nothing. No news on the official creator site Try googling for news – nothing, just the solicitations for #4 and onwards.

Considering this was a title that justified the hype, it seems a great shame that we may not get the chance to finish reading this story. Or maybe it will come out in another year or so. But will anyone care? You can expect delays when it comes to comic book scheduling and releases. You need to be patient and allow a month or 2 of no releases on a title – but a 6 month delay? Longer than 6 months? It smacks of trouble, and inevitably there will be frustration, and ultimately indifference, on the part of the reader, the person who has put it on their pull list. The person who has been led to believe a 6 issue series should come out in regluar instalments. When issues fail to ship you lose continuity (which can always be remedied by reading the previous issues again), but more fundamentally, the reader can lose faith in the product.

I hope Image and the creative team behind ‘The Infinite Horizon’ can get the remaining issues out. I hope they still get a substantial readership. They deserve it for such an interesting and innovative title. If they leave it much longer though, I think it may be too late. In that case, ‘Infinite Horizon’ may be an apt description on the shipping dates for #4, 5 & 6……