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Post-Apocalypse XIII – First appearance of ‘The Tower King’ in Eagle comic (1982)

Well, I am not sure if anyone out there in the blogosphere has done this before, so here it is, the first installment of The Tower King, a magnificent post-apocalyptic romp that appeared in the first few issues of the relaunched Eagle comic of 1982. Written by Alan Hebden, who also wrote ‘Angry Planet’ for Tornado comic, and illustrated by the Spanish artist Ortiz, this gem ran for the first 24 issues of the Eagle comic mark II. I have written before about The Tower King – see here, but in that post I publish the final chapter of the story, so probably best to read this first!

What I love about this, re-reading it again, is the economy of the writing and furious pacing – we quickly learn about why the Earth is plunged into chaos, and see the horror of the immediate aftermath in Britain. We are then introduced to the impressive Mick Tempest, decked out in chain mail (Society had been plunged into a Middle-Ages style existence following the complete absence of Electricity, and that is the only explanation for the look and feel of the art, and that is good enough for me – on with the action!) surveying a shattered London from his vantage point. We quickly get introduced to some fiendish mutants known as the tube rats, because they live underground (the London Underground, aka the Tube) and they look like Rats. Tempest then shows his prowess by engaging in combat with these terrors, and the issue ends with a magnificent Mad Max style cliffhanger, with a customised Battle Steam Engine (how Steam Punk is that?) approaching, just like Papagella and his fuel-hungry hordes approached the refinery in Mad Max 2. You can only imagine what hostil intent this old Steam Engine brings, a neat perversion on the established wisdom that this mode of transport is generally benign. To be honest, you will find out as I plan to show the second installment soon. Enjoy – The Tower King, part One.