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Jaws & Jaws 2 Movie Posters from around the World, Soundtrack Cover Art and a Jaws Nintendo Box cover

A selection of movie poster art from around the world to promote the original Jaws film and its sequel (which was pretty good in my opinion, though not anywhere near as good as the original). These pieces of art are all fantastic, and some of the interpretations – thinking here of the Czech and Polish – are quite brilliant. The Thai posters are so exciting I could look at them rather than watch a movie. Enough talk – here they are;


Czech poster;

Thai poster;

USA poster

Polish Poster


Recalled USA Teaser Poster

USA Poster

Japanese Poster

Polish Poster

Thai Poster

USA Poster


Jaws 2 Soundtrack Album Cover Art

JAWS Nintendo Entertainment System Game Box Art

JAWS Nintendo Entertainment System Game Intro Screen

If anyone out there has any other Jaws / Jaws 2 poster images from around the world, let me know.

Sharkmania – the proof! (1978)

Yesterday I talked about the perfect competition for all those British kids scared witless by Jaws and Hook Jaw – a Shark Fishing competition – I also touched on the Shark craze that was precipitated by the Spielberg film. Well, someone (a ‘Frankwied’) has posted this on youtube, and it is absolutley wonderful – this is from the guy himself;

The year is 1978. A team of 12 year olds have decided to make a Super8 film of their own based on Jaws. (It’s what everyone was talking about at the time). This may not be as slick as today’s digital videos…which makes it even more genius. (we had to pay $20 [a lot for 12-year olds in 1978] for every 3 minutes of film) And wait till you get a hold of the shark we built…..(it sank after the first scene and you’ll only see the fin after that. And check out our other films in my channel!!!

Here is the link;

and here is the movie;

The award for the most inappropriate kids comic competition of 1976 goes to…..

….Action Comics!!

Not only was it violent, not only did it use 1970’s ‘youth’ colloquialisms such as ‘ya’ (as in ‘Action is ya favourite violent comic’), but it also held a gloriously bad taste competition. Well, that’s my view anyway. It was also a great competition prize, and an exciting one. But definitely in bad taste. Let me explain in words and pictures;

That shark just above is dubbed Hook Jaw, the undoubted star of IPC comics notorious ‘Action‘ title. Hook Jaw was clearly inspired by, and capitalising on, the Shark craze of the mid 1970’s (prompted by the Spielberg Blockbuster ‘Jaws‘). Some of the works inspired by the film were quite bizarre. Hook Jaw, however, was just plain terrifying. This comic strip amplified our terror of the deep and exaggerated the fearsomeness, the size and predator instincts of a Great White Shark. The shark that appeared in Action acted as a moral avenger, appearing to act out a vendetta against mankind.

Created by Pat Mills (who went on to have a hand in the creation of another seminal British comic character, Judge Dredd), the story had an environmental edge, the Shark, while eating any human unlucky enough to be in its proximity, seemed to target those who would exploit the Seas (the first strip was based around an oil rig);

(the panel above was taken from issue 2 of Action, dated 21st of February, 1976)

So there we go, Hook Jaw, the Great White Shark who was a cover star of the most notorious British Boys comic of the 1970’s;

Competitions in comics are nothing new. They attract new readers, reward existing readers and keep them loyal, and some lucky guy gets the first prize. Action decided to run a competition, one that tied in with one of the comic strips, and one that captured the spirit of the comic, as it certainly promised ‘action’ with a capital A, and one lucky reader got to do the following;

Right – so that’s a fishing trip, to catch a shark! Great opportunity to go out shark fishing, you might even catch HOOK JAW!!!

Er, okay, maybe not.

Amazingly, they did have children enter the competition. They found a winner. The winner did go out on a shark fishing trip. Did he catch Hook Jaw? Did he come back in one piece? Did his dad go with him? Did he come back as well? Were Brody, Hooper and Quint on board? Did they go in the Orca*? All is revealed below….

Finally, here is a gratuitous panel from Hook Jaw from issue 2 of Action (dated 21st of February 1976) – can you see the nod to the Spielberg movie??

Hook Jaw


* The Orca was the boat that Quint, Brody and Hooper used to hunt the Great White in Jaws. It still (allegedly) exists (as a bit of a wreck) – have a look