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Goodbye Summer – Tonibell, Regan from Sweeney and lots of Walls Ice Cream Nostalgia (the 70s and 80s)

A goodbye to Summer 2012, partly because it feels colder over here in The Netherlands this week, but mainly so that I can use a lovely pick of John Shaw as Regan in The Sweeney, waiting patiently for his 99 at the Tonibell Van.

Ah, Tonibell Van. How I miss your tinkly twinkly lament of ‘Greensleeves’, and your side window festooned with stickers displaying your wares.

While we are at it, lets post up a nice Walls advert from superior Girls comic ‘Misty’, from back in the 70s;

and for those of us who spent a lot of time getting excited about ice cream and lollies in the mid to late 70s, early 80s, take a look at these;

Please note that all of the images (apart from John Thaw at the Tonibell Van) are courtesy of the following thread – start at page 1 and work your way through, its a treat for ice cream nostalgists;

Tonibell Pink Ice Cream Vans and their Collectors Cards – 99 Brigade Action Soldiers Series (1976)

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Many years ago, the distinctive pink Tonibell Ice Cream van (see above) was the highlight of a summer evening. I vaguely recalled occasionally getting some freebies, like playing cards or cigarette cards that featured (what I thought to be) Action Man. After a bit of searching, I have found the answer;

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Did anyone else collect these? I had a few, but there never seemed to be enough cards to go around whenever the ice cream man turned up. They do turn up as complete sets on ebay though, and this is where the final 2 pictures come from.