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Review – The Walking Dead 108 (Image/Skybound, 2013)

SPOILERS!!! from here on in….

Issue 108 is the last of the current ‘arc’ – in other words this will be the last few pages you read when the next trade (volume 18) is released in June (currently scheduled for 11 June according to Amazon UK). What that means is, is that issue 108 gives you enough story without much being resolved. It whets the appetite but not much more. The major talking point is the arrival of Ezekiel and his Tiger. No, the Tiger is not stuffed. His name is Shiva (the name of a Hindu deity – Shiva means ‘auspicious one’). Shiva abhors violence apparently. Maybe that’s why ‘King’ Ezekiel is able to treat him like a pet. Yes – ‘King’ Ezekiel is actually the ruler of ‘The Kingdom’ another one of the pockets of Survivors that make up Kirkman’s ‘Larger World’. King Ezekiel appears to have all the affectations of a ruler of a past age, complete with men on horseback trotting out to meet visitors and questioning them with antiquated speech. It is all fairly ridiculous, and Kirkman knows this, so this is all a bit tongue in cheek. Ezekiel isn’t the first to go a bit eccentric in a post apocalyptic setting – Lord Humungus from Mad Max 2 not only gave himself a lofty title, but also liked wearing a medieval type Hockey Mask and not much else;

Back in the comic, Rick has been introduced to Ezekiel by Jesus. Rick does not like Negan (recap later) and guess what? Neither does Ezekiel, who finds his Negan’s style of leadership not up to his Royal standards. To add to the party atmosphere, there is a surprise appearance from Dwight (of The Saviors)! I think its fairly safe to say that his potential to betray Negan was apparent after we learned that not only had the potty-mouthed tyrant a) nicked Dwight’s wife but then b) burnt half his face of when poor Dwight tried to steal a few moments with his wife! Rick, however, was not happy to see Dwight and remains suspicious, and can you blame him. After all, not only have the Saviors been responsible for the deaths of 2 important members of Rick’s group (Abraham and Glen), but they also held Rick’s son, Carl, when he went all Scrappy-Doo and tried to do the job that his Dad won’t do right now (which is to KILL NEGAN). AND the Saviors want to come along to Rick’s walled community whenever they feel like it and take whatever they want. So you can see why there is some hostility. Hey, I am sure it will all work out fine. Kirkman is letting the readers know that there is an alliance of like minded communities and individuals forming here, with the express purpose of taking Negan down.

We had another peek into the world of Negan this week, when we learned that he has to win at Ping Pong. If he doesn’t, I assume ‘Lucille’ (that’s ‘Lucille’ the Baseball Bat) comes into play. So the lower orders of The Saviors (ie everyone who is not Negan) have to simply throw the match. I believe this proves beyond doubt that, alongside the awful language and general anti social tendencies, that Negan is one big bully and a sore loser. The sooner we are rid of him so we can go back to Rick having long dialogues with himself or any unfortunate who happens to be caught in his gaze, the better!

Speaking of which, there was too many words in the final few pages. Everyone caught a bug and the result was a wave of verbal diarrhoea. It’s pretty much mandatory to have at least a couple of pages of this sort of verbosity. I guess its something you just have to get used to.

I flagged Spencer as a problem a couple of issues back – see here. There is something in this issue that only reinforces that. A small scene, but it could be growing into a major plot point over the next few issues.

There was a little bit of zombie action, which was surprising only for how insignificant it felt, other than to give Carl a moment to be vulnerable. This isn’t  a comic about Zombies any more is it? They appear to be nothing more than an annoyance.

Michonne and Andrea had a few panels together. Michonne is refreshingly frank and sparing with her words in this issue. I wish Rick was.

Was it a good issue? Well, it wasn’t bad. It was faintly ridiculous (all that King Ezekiel stuff) and there was some forward momentum (the conspirators coming together against Negan).The cover is amazing, and is the very best thing about The Walking Dead 108.

Review – The Walking Dead 107 (Image/Skybound, 2013)

A typically misleading / playful (depending on your mood) cover shot for the latest installment. Is Carl really dead this time?


No, of course he isn’t – though he doesn’t look too good without the face bandages. How would they work that into the TV show?

Meanwhile, Kirkman continues to confound with Negan. Or maybe exasperate. The guy is a conundrum. You want to hate him but at the same time Kirkman throws in a new side to his character so that you might possibly end up respecting him a little. He still forms sentences with Tourettes levels of bad language, but his reasoning behind cooperation over conflict worked for me. Rick, as usual, leads with his head (butt) and his one good fist when faced with the threat of his sons safety. The fact that his attack on Negan is met with minor amusement  then slight annoyance suggests that to Negan, Rick is no threat.

So we get the idea that The Saviors are aptly named – they work with all the neighbouring communities, the proviso being cooperation means bending to Negan’s will and surrendering good and services on demand. But as long as that is maintained, Negan’s ‘army’ keep order and the undead at bay. Saviors indeed.

Which brings me onto the next point of note (Negan’s ‘army’). Carl was not just being an impetuous pre-teen who decided to take on a group of well armed adults with psychopathic tendencies. Well, in truth he was that, but a happy benefit of that rash decision is the intel that Carl has on the inner workings of  Negan’s fortress. When quizzed by Jesus and Rick, it seems that the ‘army’ may not be as well manned as previously thought. Which brings us on to the conclusion of issue 107, when Jesus (who gets better and better and is probably my favourite character right now) suggests a meeting with ‘Ezekiel’. Ezekiel, you may know, or may not, is this guy;

Fun times ahead. Looks like there may be a new Revolution coming to the US in the months ahead.

There were also a couple of sub-plots worthy of discussion. One good, one bad. The good was Eugene and his factory find. Despite all but disappearing in the slipstream of Abraham (RIP), he may now have a chance to shine and actually prove to be useful, providing he can walk the walk as well as he can talk the talk (i.e. produce ammunition to specification and that is fit for purpose). If that is the case, then we may see a tipping point and the odds swing towards Rick in his struggle against Negan.

The bad sub-plot involves Michonne and Heath. Michonne hits on Heath, with no prior warning. Her grab at him is as unsubtle as this new plot development and just begs the question why? It served no purpose and made Michonne look foolish. If it looks like filler and feels like filler, it probably is filler. Not good.

Overall, the issue is another success. No great drama, but layering on the intrigue, fleshing out Negan and Jesus a little more, with the promise of a new character next time round. Apart from that one blip, this continues the comics good run of form.

The Walking Dead ‘Something to Fear’ Spoilers (Image/Skybound, 2012)

With the approach of issue 100, and beyond, of The Walking Dead, and the countdown to the ‘Something to Fear’ arc, which ties in with the landmark century, Robert Kirkman has been dropping some hints on what to expect, and how one of the pieces of art above may hold some clues…..