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Before Mad Max – There was STONE (1974)

I had this very poster hanging up on my bedroom wall for several months in the early 1980s, courtesy of the nice man from Replay video in Fazeley;

The poster tag-line is, in fact, incorrect – Stone was before Mad Max. Handily, the box art of the VHS video from the VTC label got it right;

The film is more than a Mad Max rip-off though – it was more of a descendant of that landmark Aussie film.

Stone is a 1974 Australian film, produced and directed by Sandy Harbutt. It was a low budget movie, written by Sandy Harbutt and Michael Robinson.

Police officer Stone goes undercover with the Gravediggers outlaw motorcycle gang, to find out who is murdering their members, one by one.

The film stars Ken Shorter and features Rebecca Gilling, Bill Hunter and Helen Morse. The film’s soundtrack was composed by Billy Green and featured some members of his group Sanctuary. Motorcycles featured include the legendary Kawasaki Z1(900). Stone initially rides a Norton.

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It is also worthy of note that the magnificent Hugh Keays-Byrne, aka ‘Toecutter’ in ‘Mad Max’, plays the role of ‘Toad’ in ‘Stone’.

Here is the theatrical trailer for the film;

It has a cult following – so much so that there was a follow up documentary;
– ‘Stone Forever’ Documentary at IMDB – Article on ‘Stone’ and ‘Stone Forever’ at Urban Cinefile

Finally, here is the theatrical release movie poster;