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Skin advert in Crisis issue 28 (1989)

Issue 28 of the adult oriented political comic (only in the late 80’s eh?) ‘Crisis’ has an advert for a forthcoming story. Nothing much unusual in that, except this was an advert for a story that never made it to print in Crisis;

The reason was this – the publisher Fleetway, pulled the story after objections from the printers, who refused to print Skin. The actual reason is harder to determine, but the accepted version of events is that this was due to the harsh language in the strip. The fact that Skin was eventuallt collected and published in graphic novel form by Tundra Publishing, to little or no outrage shows that Fleetway and Crisis missed out on one of the most powerful British comic strips. More here;

Milligan & McCarthy Collected coming our way in 2013

This is fantastic news –

a forthcoming 220 pages Best of Milligan & McCarthy collection, which is due out September 2013. Expect a big announcement on that from a major comics company soon. It will include pretty much all the classic ’80s material from Peter Milligan and myself:Paradax!Rogan Gosh, Skin, Freakwave, etc., plus some early, archival snippets from The Electrick Hoax and Summer of Love

the full article is here

Freakwave (just look at that fabulous scan!) looks absolutely awesome, and visually it could have been drawn yesterday, let alone 30 years ago. Skin I have already covered here on this blog a while back;

You should really visit Brendan McCarthy’s page here;
and counting down the days until that beauty hits the shops. Only 9 months to go (hopefully).