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Resident Evil – Deal or no Deal?

Deal ‘or no’ Deal is by far the best thing on telly (now that The Wire and The Sopranos are gone, and Doctor Who is only pretty good, but this is before Peep Show comes back next week). So let me elaborate – Deal “or no” Deal is THE best quiz show around, and i’m not even a fan of quiz shows! It makes afternoons on Channel 4 SEXY (yeah Carol Vorderman) and it has made me forget about the loss of William G Stewart from our Nations screens. Deal…is a tv programme designed for the 21st century – for example, if I miss the show at 16:15, I can watch it on ch4 plus one, or on 4OD, or on Virgin Media On Demand. If I watch it via 4OD or Virgin Media On Demand, you get the ads cut out, condensing the thrill of it all, but to really cut to the chase, you can just fast forward the talking bits and see the boxes flash by along with the Bankers offers. Depends what mood I am in, because with the superfast option, you miss all the tension and emotion as you find out whether the contestant dealt at the right or wrong time. I love the show, its gambling by proxy, and I really enjoy it when people win the ‘life-changing’ (one of Noel Edmonds favourite phrases) sums of money.

There is a sense of community amongst the contestants – this is not a game show where they pit player vs player, it is all about one of the team getting as much money as possible from the ‘Man’ (ie the ‘Banker’). Its kind of like David vs Goliath, with Noel Edmonds hosting and the other contestants giving advice from the sidelines. Noel Edmonds isn’t too smug or annoying. In fact, he is really very good, and has made the show his own with his ‘common touch’ and left-field moments (like taking contestants outside the confines of the studio, going into the control room, allowing other contestants to run the show etc).

Anyway, the reason I write about Deal or no Deal is not just to flag it as a great bit of entertainment (though it is), or to lay bare my admiration for it (though I have). No, the purpose of this post is to show up the hitherto unseen link between “Deal or no deal”, a TV quiz show, and the “Resident Evil” survival horror franchise. Astounding as it may seem, the quiet reflective periods of both games have very similar background music. Let me give you 2 example of the ‘Deal or no Deal’ music – on the first clip, the music kicks in straight away (sometimes it is hard to hear it, but bear with it);


If you are still not convinced, try running the Resi clip while watching the “Deal…” videos, so that you can hear the Resident Evil music play while contestants weigh up their options. It works for me.

I think I have given sufficient audio evidence – to create their unique brand of calm, the “Deal or no Deal” team have employed similair music to that used in “Resident Evil”. What does it mean? In my view, I think it means that this quiz show will be around when the T-Virus starts turning the East Wing and the West Wing contestants into raving revenants. The Bankers offer is a helicopter ride out of town, a Magnum 45 with a full clip and 2 tins of baked beans – deal or no deal??