Solicitation for The Boys #67 (Dynamite, 2012)

32 pages FC  •  $3.99  •  Mature
Written by GARTH ENNIS 
The ghosts of the Legend’s past rise to haunt him, and in a way so do MM’s- as he catches up with his daughter and finds out much, much more about her recent mistakes than he bargained for. Meanwhile Hughie investigates the recent tragedy and ends up in an unexpected showdown… with Monkey? The bodycount mounts in part two of The Bloody Doors Off.

Review – The Walking Dead #95 (Image/Skybound, 2012)

This is a review of issue 95 of The Walking Dead, and contains mild SPOILERS!

There has been a paucity of really great issues of this series over the past 3 years, but in terms of what this issue did, I think it ranks with the last truly great episode (which was out a year ago)  in issue 83 (and you can click here for a synopsis of what happened in that issue) ;

The Walking Dead tends to stick to a cyclic plot progression. Rick & co. meet new people, new people have own community, Rick & co. unsure / wary of new community, eventually all hell breaks loose, and their may be some zombies thrown into the mix (just to remind you that though the living are the real threat, this is generally marketed as a ‘Zombie’ comic). Rick & co. regroup, and the whole cycle starts again.

Issue #95 (or ‘part 3 of A Larger World’ if you prefer) is no exception to this tried and tested formula. Rick & co. have been taken to the gates of a walled community (aka ‘Hilltop Colony’), to be introduced and welcomed into it. Several issues have led up to this particular moment, as we have seen Rick struggle with his natural instinct of distrust and finally come to an understanding with ‘Jesus’ (aka Paul Monroe), the advanced scout / lead recruiter for this new community. We are given a snapshot of life within the walls of ‘Hilltop’ thanks to Adlard’s great pencils, showing bored sentry guards, rows of trailers, a fantastic Stately building and scores of people going about their business.

So far, so the-usual-Walking-Dead of late. Slow paced, but with a little less exposition and a lot less word balloons fit to burst with Kirkman’s dialogue. But then something great and unexpected happens. Without wanting to give too much away, we are introduced to a leader / elder called Gregory, and in quick succession, another resident, Ethan, comes back from a mission that has gone wrong. There are other names, of victims, captives and potential aggressors. Then all hell breaks loose, and Rick is right in the middle of it, as usual. It really reminded me of this, for some reason;

That’s a good thing by the way.

These final pages left me really impressed, especially the final shot of Rick and his apparent nonchalance to the events that had just occurred.

For the first time in ages, I really do not know where this series is going next. Again, that’s a good thing, as the unpredictability of issue 95 left me with the distinct impression that Kirkman is planning something superb for his centenary celebrations on The Walking Dead. I really hope he can deliver on the promise of this current instalment.

TWLB is 5 today / another BIBA advert from the sixties

The first TWLB post was 5 years ago today, on the 26th of March, 2007. In the time between then and now there has been a further 800+ posts, the frequency ranging from very productive (circa 2009) to nearly non-existent (the back-end of 2011). And somehow, despite thinking last year that I had done as much as I could with blogging, TWLB keeps chugging along on a semi-regular basis, and if it keep some people entertained for a few moments then its doing its job. To all who drop by, who comment, who add to the discussion and the topics – THANK YOU!!!

To celebrate, here is a continuation of the subject of my first post – another BIBA advert from the Sixties (and I have no idea why I chose a BIBA advert from the Sixities as my opening gambit for the blog, other than it was an interesting image);

The Walking Dead ‘Something to Fear’ Spoilers (Image/Skybound, 2012)

With the approach of issue 100, and beyond, of The Walking Dead, and the countdown to the ‘Something to Fear’ arc, which ties in with the landmark century, Robert Kirkman has been dropping some hints on what to expect, and how one of the pieces of art above may hold some clues…..