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The Adventures of Rupert Bear intro and closing credits (1970-1974)

The first Television iteration of the classic characters adventures – this ITC produced gem ran initially from 1970 until 1974, but was repeated throughout the 1970s. For some reason this really moved me when I first saw it again (courtesy of youtube, from where these clips are taken). Maybe it was because I haven’t seen this in over 30 years. The music (a superb childrens theme, sung by Jackie Lee that made it into the top 40 in the early 1970’s) and visuals resonate with me, remind me of the magic hour between morning and afternoon school lessons when I would go home for dinner as a young boy and this would be on the television;

The Adventures of Rupert Bear opening sequence

Whoever uploaded that on youtube – thank you.


All the links that were worth including on the original Rupert Bear TV show – the latter 3 links in particular are worth your attention if you have any interest or affection for the show.

Any chance of getting this out on DVD, or an episode uploaded to a video hosting site?? Also, does anyone else, like me, remember reading the name ‘John Jelly’ in the credits, and that name never really leaving their memory???