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Sfruttamento Movie Trailer Italiano Parte Tre – ‘Robowar’ (aka ‘Robot da Guerra’) (1988)

(Dutch video cover for ‘Robowar’)

Directed by Vincent Dawn (aka the late Bruno Mattei), this 1988 actioner is a film with a close proximity to the 1987 ‘Predator‘. Whereas the John McTiernan directed, Arnold Schwarzenegger starring jungle romp pitted an alien warrior on Earth against a team of elite Commandos, ‘Robowar’ had an elite military unit pitted against….an experimental military robotic soldier that has gone renegade. Trailer follows; IMDB entry for ‘Robowar’ Monster Hunter reviews ‘Robowar’ Monster Hunter guide to the films of Bruno Mattei

Antonio Margheriti – Wild Wild Planet (1965)

Criminali della galassia, I (aka Wild Wild Planet) was one of the early films of Antonia Margheriti, who went on to produce…..Cannibal Apocalypse (aka Apocalypse Domani). Compare and contrast – which would you rather watch??

Wild Wild Planet trailer;

IMDB entry for Criminali della galassia, I

IMDB entry for Apocalypse Domani