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How good is Siege #3? (Marvel,2010)

It’s a condensed ‘event’, like Secret Invasion, trimmed of the fat. It follows the usual pattern of heroes against insurmountable odds / all looks lost / the recovery, and some hope/ oh, the odds aren’t looking good again. Being the penultimate chapter, the ending of this issue promises a HUGE battle for the finale.

A nice couple of splash pages of heroes – and villains – dropping out of the skies. Captain America, Tony Stark and Thor are all at the forefront, and Osborn is pleasingly demented.

How good is Siege #3? It is the best yet – and this makes it the best Marvel book in ages. It makes me actually want to read Marvel comics (for now, anyway).

How good is Siege #2? (Marvel, 2010)

Following on from my thoughts on Marvels debut issue of it’s latest blockbuster event;
here are my thoughts on #2;

Brilliant – in a word. I read less and less traditional Superhero titles, but this one is pulling me back in. It is truly epic in feel, with stirring scenes of patriotism, heroism and some stunning fight sequences. It follows a fairly well-trodden path of the bad guys getting the upper hand, the good guys are on the back foot, but what’s that on the horizon? The cavalry??? But it doesn’t matter how generic the storyline may be if it is executed with style. And this is executed with a lot of style. The last page is absolutely blinding…

If this title is the herald of a (warning spoilers) new Heroic Age, then this new era for the Marvel Universe could be something to get excited about.

Genuinely thrilling, and a fantastic advert for Superhero titles. If Siege #1 was ‘very good’ (and that’s what I said it was at the time), then Siege #2 is FANTASTIC, with all the intended emphasis that capital letters implies.