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The Top Comics of 2009 countdown! Number 4 – Old Man Logan (in the main Wolverine title) (Marvel)

Okay – it started way back in June of 2008, and there seemed to be gigantic pauses on the way to its titanic, fantastic climax, but I don’t care – Old Man Logan deservedly gets a top 5 placing in my list of the years best comics. I don’t read too much Marvel nowadays, just lost interest in the whole Marvel Universe save for a few characters, who, with the right creative team, pique my interest. Old Man Logan was one of those stories that really grabbed me. 50 years in the future, America is a broken country, with the majority of Super Heroes dead, felled by a union of Super Villains who came together with a single purpose – to defeat their hated rivals.

Wolverine survived the cull, but is now simply Logan, living with his wife Maureen and children Scotty and Jade on a plot of land in California, on territory owned by Bruce Banner and his kin. Banner was one of the winners in the land grab after the Super Heroes were victorious, and Logan struggles to pay his rent to live in ‘Hulkland’.

What starts off as a typical wasteland courier / Damnation Alley / Cursed Earth adventure where Logan teams up with Hawkeye, eventually turns into a grim, gripping tale of revenge. It all comes together in Septembers finale, the Giant Size Old Man Logan #1, where the Banner clan are faced with a resurrected Wolverine, fuelled by hatred, blood lust and the need to avenge the fallen. The action is thrilling, the art is sombre and evokes the Wild West and Spaghetti Westerns (and at the end, Lone Wolf & Cub / the babycart films).

Mark Millar keeps the story simple enough to let the story breathe, the anger simmer and rise, the fury unleashed with Giant Sized Old Man Logan…

For post apocalyptic revenge thrillers, this one takes some beating. Probably non-canonical, definitely non-continuity in the Marvel Universe, which means it is not tied down with all the attendant baggage, this is a simple comic book story told very well. It entertained me so much I read it through again, and I have just re-read Old Man Logan #1 tonight for a fourth time. It does not lose any of its power or ability to absorb you. And the ending is fantastic, one that makes you want to stand up and cheer.

Review – Wolverine #72 (Marvel, 2009)

Well, it has took a long time to get here, but we finally approach a conclusion to the ‘Old Man Logan’ arc. How long has this arc been going on? A year? The issues have been worth the wait, this has proved to be a real (out of continuity) treat. It is just the gaps between the issues have somewhat diminished the overall effect. Anyway – great issue, a bit of Red Skull, some other Marvel icons thrown in the mix, and a really gripping ending that you know has been coming, it is just how we were going to get there….Well, getting there was as satisfying as it could be really, and the last few panels are no doubt intended to get the fanboys out of their seats and cheering, salivating for the finale. It is all very good, the Red Skull confrontation being a highlight.

Another great installment in a great series, mixing humour, self-reverence (of Marvel icons) and darker material.

Wolverine #71 review (Marvel, 2009)

Yes, that is a Venom coated T-Rex, looking like it is hot pursuit of something. That ‘something’ is the ‘Spidey-Buggy’ (de rigeur post-super-heroes-apocalypse transportation) containing Wolverine (aka ‘Old Man Logan’) and Hawkeye (old and blind). It is a great start to an issue that is full of incident, with the likes of Black Bolt and Emma Frost making an appearance, and you get treated to the stunning vista that is ‘Pym Falls’. You probably have an idea what that is all about. We get to find out exactly what Hawkeye has been transporting across the ravaged lands, and it is quite a surprise – this leads to a bloody finale that does not end well. I think Wolverine is due to get his claws out any time soon.

I really like the ‘Old Man Logan’ run – Millar presents an absorbing alternative future, and the art of McNiven is clean, crisp and stunning in some of its detail (like Pym Falls) – and this issue set up the final 2 episodes very nicely.