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Sfruttamento Movie Trailer Italiano Parte Uno – ‘Thunder’ (1983)

(Turkish Theatrical Poster for ‘Thunder’)

In an occasional series, TWLB presents trailers for Italian Exploitation Films that we had watched in the glory days of VHS and independent video rental shops. Clogged up as they were with all types of B-Movie madness, we could engorge ourselves on the likes of ‘The Deadly Spawn’, ‘Codename Widlgeese’, ‘Exterminators of the Year 3000’, and stuff with Mark Gregory in it. This is one of the latter, a film clearly inspired by ‘First Blood‘ – ‘Thunder‘ (aka ‘Thunder Warrior’). The tagline was “He’s on the warpath and he’s gonna blow your town apart!“. It follows the plot of ‘First Blood’ ‘fairly’ closely, in as much as this is a story about a man who returns home, only to be chased out of town, beaten and abused, with everyone seemingly against him, until he finally snaps and fights back against the injustice and his aggressors…..

Maybe the tagline should have read “He will blow his own town apart”, but that just sounds daft doesn’t it?