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Review – Unknown Soldier #12 (Vertigo, 2009)

The final episode of the ‘Easy Kill’ arc is as satisfying as the rest, with the cinematic tension built up in the last issue exploding into a bloody climax. I think that this issue is all about the art of Ponticelli, who stages the action with an experienced hand and knowing eye – Moses battles with the terrorist cell are thrilling, brutal set pieces, the hotel rooms and corridors becoming a frame for the bloody ballet as the protagonists race to get to the intended target – the American actress Margaret Wells. To give away more would ruin the surprises, but some characters show their allegiance to the Unknown Soldier as others appear to have walked away from him.

Dysart also delivers with the dialogue, as Wells vents her frustration at her role in life – and finds solace and support in her beliefs. The message is, doing something for justifiable and good reason is never not a good thing. It is a simple truism, and the delivery here is understated, but the point is clearly made.

It will be interesting to see where Dysart and Ponticelli take us from here – you get the feeling that by the end of this issue some of Moses relationships have altered forever – and there may be no positives to take from any of those changes. What is certain is this title continues to deliver. Still a highlight of any week, still one of the top titles around. How long before it gets picked up for the movie option?