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Post Apocalypse XXII – ‘The Last Of Us’ (2013)

Since the developer Naughty Dog announced this title just over 18 months ago, there has been a trickle of teaser trailers (and all of them looked incredible), game play demos and positive noises coming from the gaming press. Over the last week the reviews have begun to come in, and it seems pretty unanimous that this is one of the outstanding games from this console generation. With the title due to be released in 2 days, I can barely contain my excitement, which is why I am posting the launch trailer here. A post-apocalypse current-gen game, with shades of ‘The Road‘, and created by Naughty Dog, who can do no wrong in my eyes after ‘Uncharted 2‘ and its sublime follow-up, this promises to be a bit more than the usual gaming experience. This is a game where you are faced with moral dilemmas for a lot of the decisions you have to make, but woven into that is the notion that the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, and the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ is less distinct; that when you are faced with survival it is just you against the others.

My Gaming Timeline Part 1 – The Binatone TV Master Mk IV (1977)

It occurred to me this morning that I have been playing videogames for 35 years now. It is officially my longest and most expensive habit / hobby, and I would like to celebrate that fact in the form of a series of postings that will chart, in chronological order, the highlights of 35 years of gaming.

First up, 1977 and the Binatone TV Master MK IV.

In all its tangerine orange glory. The Binatone TV Master MK IV was a TV miracle, giving you 4 games in one reasonably sized console (roughly the size of a PS1, but shaped like a wedge of cheese). The 4 games were Football, Tennis, Squash and Squash Practice. They were, in reality, variatons of PONG, or carbon copies, but no less enjoyable or addictive. A game for the whole family! There was little 1 player option, the console was geared toward the multiplayer experience, and was arcade perfect in its translation. But it would have taken something special to ruin the purity of a port of PONG to the nascent home gamer.

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