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Nostalgia and Comics, Birmingham. Or how 1 image of a plastic bag can send you back 25 years (1980s)

If you are from the Midlands (probably West Midlands), were into comics in the 80s, then that image above may resonate. It is a bag, yes. But it is a bag from the brilliant Birmingham comic shop ‘Nostalgia & Comics’. That thing used to hold my American reprints of Judge Dredd (from Eagle Comics). Those bags would hold my issues of Thor during Walt Simonsons run, Uncanny X-Men during Chris Claremonts tenure, and Fantastic Four when John Byrne was in charge.

I can take no credit for the picture. I would, however, like to point you towards the source of this nostalgia trip. The Forbidden Planet blog, which sits alongside the rather splendid online shop (they have stuff that Amazon don’t, and its prices are very reasonable), is a treasure trove, and a bloody good read. Have a look;

and then, if you have fond memories of Nostalgia & Comics, please check this out;