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The Walking Dead videogame gives TWLB an excuse to show off some original Charlie Adlard art (2011)

With the near-saturation point of Walking Dead product, you may, like me, be a bit jaded by the mere sound of ‘The Walking Dead’. Oh, it was so much simpler a few years ago when all you had a semi-regular comicbook bearing that title. But the success of Kirkman & Co. is well deserved, and the price of success is spin-offs like a new game. Apparently it is going to be based on the comicbook as opposed to the TV series, so there is some hope that the finished product, if/when it appears, may be pretty good. Find out more here;

But really, the main reason for me posting this up was to show off the fantastic art tied into the game by the brilliant Charlie Adlard. Bless you, sir.