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Top Comic Title This Week (22/04/2009)

Is……..Kick-Ass #6

It gets the comic of the week title for several reasons:

For the humour, the art, the plotting and the twist.

For the line;

“You’re not exactly Batman, Dude. All we did was follow you home”

For Kick-Ass and his lame attempts at trying to woo Katie Deauxma, that are getting more desperate and dangerous in this issue.

It is all quite brilliant.

For a review of Kick-Ass #6, go here

Comics: Anticipated titles of the week (22/04/09)

Exciting Marvel titles this week, pretty much all the way. Kick Ass #6 is probably my pick of the week just ahead of Daredevil #118, because (with Kick-Ass) you have to wait so long between issues that the anticipation gets ramped up pretty high, and the cliffhanger last time around was so good. Daredevil #118 should be pretty special as well though, with the Kingpin back in Hells Kitchen. Zombies of Mass Destruction #4 gives me my Zombie fix this week, and I am intrigued by the new team concept of Skrull Kill Krew, with its first issue out this week(and it has a really really good cover). So, my picks for this week are;

DAREDEVIL #118 Marvel
KICK ASS #6 Marvel

No doubt some or all will get reviewed here (and maybe a few more besides). Daredevil #118 at Marvel Kick Ass #6 at Marvel Skrull Kill Krew #1 ZMD #4 at Red 5 site

Daredevil #118 also has a Wolverine variant cover (why not, he is everywhere else, why not on the cover of a tile he is not due to appear in??). Despite what I see as a cynical marketing ploy of putting Marvels top (or if not top, certainly second biggest) earner on a cover of a completely different title, the cover itself sure does look pretty;

Daredevil #118 preview

Kick-Ass #6 preview

Skrull Kill Krew #1 preview