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Comics: Anticipated titles of the week (24/06/09)

Two great titles, and one I am curious about this week. Here they are;


Daredevil is coning to the end of its Brubaker run, but with the return of Kingpin, this is a good way to bow out. Lady Bullseye makes a lethal appearance this issue, so things should get really exciting. Unknown Soldier #9 continues its audacious ‘Easy Kill’ storyline, and Rapture – well, it just looks fairly original. solicitations below;

Daredevil #119

It’s the penultimate chapter of the riveting RETURN OF THE KING arc! Kingpin’s true agenda is revealed, as Lady Bullseye and her minions come out of hiding to begin the final confrontation in Hell’s Kitchen.

Rapture #2

Writer: Michael Avon Oeming, Taki Soma
Artist: Michael Avon Oeming
Colorist: Val Staples
Cover Artist: Taki Soma
Genre: Action/Adventure

Evelyn Town never asked to be a champion. All she wanted was to be reunited with her boyfriend, Gil. But after the rapture-like disappearance of the world’s heroes left the planet in ruins, she had little choice if she wanted to survive. Now, only “the damned” remain, struggling for survival against the vicious religious cannibals who prey upon them. Using a powerful spear given to her by a strange entity called The Word, Evelyn defends those who can’t defend themselves. Branded a returned champion, Evelyn’s newfound power may cost her innocence. But is her sacrifice in vain? Has her lover Gil moved on?

From the co-creator of Powers and Mice Templar

Unknown Soldier #9

Written by Joshua Dysart; Art by Alberto Ponticelli; Cover by Dave Johnson

The life and times of rogue CIA agent Jack Lee Howl. How is it that a man who just wants to be left alone can find the time to be coerced, kidnapped, lied to and beheaded all in one day? Charming, deceitful and – in the end – always out of luck. That’s our Jack.

Links Daredevil #119 preview