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Review – The Boys #33 (Dynamite, 2009)

What happened to Carlos Ezquerra this issue? I thought he was the artist on this arc. Instead, we get John McCrea, but that is no bad thing, as he handles the violence well, and frames some of the fear that Payback display with wit.

The story is straightforward, with Butcher up against the remains of Payback, though one of them gets away early on – but he will be back for the finale next issue. Yes, I am talking about Stormfront, the Super Nazi soldier. Do you think Ennis has something against Super-Teams? After this arc there will not be many left in the Boys universe, though I am sure he will come up with more analogues of popular teams to *ahem* ‘caricature’.

Butcher takes no prisoners in his game of cat and mouse, and the result is satisfying. I believe he would be handy with anything that came to hand. The issue proves that, as he improvises on the fly to use his surroundings to his advantage.

Elsewhere, Mothers Milk wants revenge, The Female is still in a really bad way, and at Vought American, there are issues over the way Butcher is being targeted. Although The Boys as an outfit seem fair game, Butcher, as you might expect, has too much information – and that makes him very dangerous, in more ways than one.

Starlight, meanwhile, is really get pressured by (most of) the Seven into accepting her new costume and origin – to the point of bullying (though that is no surprise).

So, is it any good? Being mid-arc, this delivers all it has to, and met my expectations. Shame about Ezquerra not doing the art, as I was enjoying his portrayal of Butcher and just liked the fact I was reading something drawn by him. The finale, where Stormfront will confront Butcher and / or The Boys, should be great.