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The Inspiral Carpets feat. Mark E Smith ‘I Want You’ (1994)

There was oceans of dross, lots of great performances, and sometimes Top of the Pops produced something else, something to treasure. This, Mark E Smith’s one and only appearance on the UK primetime pop vessel, is a great garage rock performance from The Inspiral’s (who did some other great garage rock in their early years – check out ‘Seeds of Doubt’). But what takes this performance to stellar heights is the presence of Smith, who is a) (probably) pissed, b) clearly reading the lyrics from a piece of paper and c) (if memory servers correct)  is completely out of sync with the song The Inspiral Carpets are thrashing out.

And there’s even a bonus bit of Michael Bolton in the desert at the start of this clip, proving that those charged with sequencing the music at TOTP had a truly great sense of humour as well.

And Simon Mayo can only be described as ‘bemused’ after ‘I Want You’ collapses into itself, the air vibrating with the raw visceral performance (maybe).

On the subject of TOTP, please allow me to point you in the direction of a fantastic single purpose blog I chanced upon today. It’s all about TOTP, primarily TOTP in the 70s. It is enormous fun and written with warmth and humour and I like it very much;