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Review – Destroyer Max #2 (Marvel Max, 2009)

Robert Kirkman seems to revel in the one-two of emotional explorations of characters and realtionshipsall-out violence and gore. Although the gore is slightly toned down this issue, there is still plenty of violence to gasp at, and it isn’t without it’s humour – the battle depicted in the cover art has a neat punchline.

The fallout from the Destroyer’s battle with his failing health is not as funny – and there are some fairly believable conversations between husband and wife on that subject.

The art, by the way, is lovely. Cory Walker cannot draw a bad panel anyway, but his clean and impressive visuals really shine here, aided by the warm colouring of Val Staples.

With his life coming to an end, his health a constant battle, his singularity of purpose – to bring down Scar, his nemesis – causing his loved ones to be caught in the crossfire, this issue starts bringing all the plot strands together. The final issues should prove to be explosive, and no doubt heart-rending. Kirkman excels at that.

My only criticism is that I do not really understand the determination to bring down Scar. Who is he? Why is he so hated by Destroyer? This actually opens up to be a wider criticism – although I understand the motivation of the Destroyer to an extent (ie kill all the bad guys), I do not understand the specific motivation for Destroyer to target X, Y and Z. Maybe a bit more back story would have helped.

This was an issue that ‘moved the pieces around’, to an extent, setting up the final issues for what will no doubt be an extremely satisfying conclusion. There was enough action, enough violence and blood, and enough of the human drama to keep me interested.

Comics: Anticipated titles of the week (06/05/09)

A better week than last week, with some strong Marvel titles out – especially Marvel Zombies and Destroyer (Kirkmans Destroyer is playing out like Charles Bronson has taken over the role of titular hero, going out with a real bang, taking out as many bad guys as he can before he succumbs). The Boys #30 is my top choice for this week. With a cover by Jim Lee (see above), and a bit of breathing space after the monumental ending to “We Gotta Go Now”, the highlight of the issue should be Billy Butcher going off to have a word with Rayner….The Boys is at the top of its game right now, and I expect nothing less than another superb installment this month.

Here are my picks for this week;


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