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The Horror of….the New English Library Book Covers (70’s and 80’s)

New English Library paperbacks. The penny dreadful of the 70’s and 80’s, the B Movie of the book world. Those well known residents of car boot sales, charity shops and landfill. The yellowed pages, with the first page marked in the top right corner with a 5p / 10p/ 25p value. The cracked and worn spines, the smell of mildew, the forlorn look of neglect. What NEL lacked in sophistication, they made up for in their cover presentation. While some covers explicity advertised the contents, others were a bit more obtuse. TWLB presents a small selection of some of the NEL horror back catalouge;


Re-reading Stephen King

Rereading Stephen King: week six – The Stand | Books |

As a bit of a lead-in to my next post, I would like to draw your attention to a series on The Guardian website that emulates the single-theme blogs like the TOTP inspired ‘Yes it’s Number One’ and the exemplary 2000AD ‘Prog Slog’. The series is all about one man, writer James Smythe, revisiting the Stephen Kings books he started reading as a teenager, and doing it in the ordér they were published. With some infectious enthusiasm, good writing and a healthy commenting community to add meat to Smythe’s posts, this is a great way to be persuaded to read / re- read King.