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Review – Punisher #4 (Marvel, 2009)

The Hood versus The Punisher. Cops who aren’t really cops versus The Punisher. Cat and mouse games all through the issue. A guy in a grizzly bear outfit. The guy in the grizzly bear outfit is a bad guy. Lots of explosions and killing. Frank getting up in some old superhero gear (that bit is a real treat). The Hood acting like a crazed mash-up of De Niro in ‘Goodfellas’, Walken in ‘King of New York’ and Pacino in ‘Scarface’. The Hood having a sense of humour (he does, after all, wear that Hood, so why not with the cutting wit?). The Hood casually wounding a minion who was making millions BUT NOT ENOUGH MILLIONS. Frank Castle taking down lots of bad guys. The cliff hanger promises much from the next issue.

These things that I have listed above, they are all great things. They all happen in this issue. Overall, Remender and Opena serve up some snappy dialogue and gritty, dynamic pictures. They make this ‘Dark Reign’ iteration of The Punisher a highlight of any week it ships. What’s not to like?

Punisher #4 is out now