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New Walking Dead ‘The Dead Do Not…’ Teaser Poster (2009)

The colours are fantastic – check out that sky as a background! The colour version only enhances the formidable physical presence of these ‘hunters’. This upcoming arc should be amazing…..

Unofficial cover version (photoshopped) but really nice – all credit to the Kirkman forum member Dead Geek;

The Walking Dead – More teaser images – ‘The Dead Do Not Hunt’ (2009)

Following on from the previous teaser images for the upcoming (untitled) story arc – ‘The Dead Do Not Stalk‘, ‘The Dead Do Not Track‘ and ‘The Dead Do Not Watch‘ – comes this new image, with more potential spoilers;

With the image showing Dale shot and injured, it would appear that those who watch, stalk and track the survivors are not friendly at all.

Link here for the original article from IGN