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The Walking Dead – on time in ’09, late again in ’10 (2010)

When issue 71 of The Walking Dead was solicited;

we had a firm date – March 10, 2010 – for its release. But….it is well over a month now and still no sign of issue 71. They say it will be out next week. I hope so. But that is all. I hope it gets released next week, but I have no real right to moan if it does not ship next week or next month. The Kirkman board at Image generally fills up with this sort of ‘when is Walking Dead shipping’ malarkey. It gets tedious (like a lot of the content on that board). Just. Be. Patient. We have no right to ‘expect’. I think Kirkman is just letting us know that after the phenomenal effort that went into ‘on time in ’09’, that it is unrealistic to expect a production line approach to this title. Quality over quantity.