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Review – Sweet Tooth #8 (Vertigo, 2010)

Another startling, fantastic installment. Jepperd’s back story is slowly unravelling, with hints that his story is more tragic than previously thought. In the present, his attempts to kill the heartache are reaching desperate new lengths.

An aside – It was while looking at some of the panels in a fantastic fight sequence that I realised that Lemire draws characters with the same dishevelled scribbled lines as Quentin Blake
. I don’t know if you care, but that association just adds to the charm of Lemires work here.

Gus finally meets Dr Singh. I will not spoil it for you. just read the damn thing – it’s brilliant. The final page is shocking, startling and brilliant in it’s inventiveness. Is someone going to make a decent movie adaptation of this? It deserves it. A joy. As always.