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Review – Resurrection #8 (Onipress, 2010)

My relationship with this title, if anyone is interested (and if you can really have a ‘relationship’ with a ‘title’ / comic), is a bit like my ‘relationship’ with the disgusting / scary / sometimes boring ‘Crossed’. In other words, I blow a bit hot and cold with ‘Resurrection’. Some months I think it is fabulous. Other months I can barely read it. Overall, and on average, it has enough going for it to keep me reading. This month, it tips itself over into the area marked ‘okay’. It managed to move itself from the area marked ‘rubbish’, which is where it found itself last month. Not a lot of action, and very talky, and the improbable star of the show, Mr Bill Clinton, former President of the USA, is very much centre stage. But it works. I like the fact that he is very much in the thick of it in this ravaged new world. There is a nice reveal at the end. That’s all there is to it really. Oh, there is a spaceship in the centre of some sort of sports field that looks a bit daft and I don’t understand its significance. But all in all, BRAVO!

PS There is another one of those side stories in this issue, but I just could not be bothered. That may have stretched my patience, or ruined the moment.