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Resident Evil 1.5 Trailer (Capcom, 1997)

Before the final release of Resident Evil 2 in 1998, came an intriguing, frustrating glimpse of an alternate game. Biohazard (aka Resident Evil) 2 was originally due for release in 1997, but the developers, unhappy with the game, canned it and began from scratch. No working version appears to be available out in the gaming community, but gameplay footage does exist, as well as lots of press and photos. The Resident Evil series has form when it comes to scrapping games in production – also see Resident Evil 4, another one featuring Leon S Kennedy.

As well as a set of new characters that were never subsequently used, such as student Elza Walker (left), the trailer also shows a vastly different look and feel to the settings that is more futuristic, compared to the slight Gothic tinge we get with the released version of the game.

More here;–220719.phtml

Post Apocalypse XIV – The Abandoned Towns and Cities of the Soviet Union

The eerie and disquieting beauty of abandoned settlements.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the disintegration of its sprawling administrative, financial and ruling infrastructures, some outposts of the Empire were abandoned as the need to find work resulted in mass migration of some communities. This settlement is in the Magadan region. The town is situated on the Kolyma highway, 90 kilometres from the town of Susuman. It is about 700 kilometes from Magadan itself. The Kolyma highway is also known as the ‘Road of Bones’ due to the number of workers who died during its construction. These pictures give us an idea of what a post-apocalyptic world would look like, a world without the people, just their constructs.

This sign reads “Work schedule 10am-10pm, Break 3-4PM. NO Holidays”.

More here, here and here. Last but not least, here. These pictures are amazing – they look like location scouting reports for a live action Resident Evil film (based on the original game, not the 2002 film)

Looking again, they look like they would serve a Metal Gear Solid movie well…..

Resident Evil – Degeneration (Update) (2008)

The trailer has been out for a while now, but just in case you have missed it…….looks amazing doesn’t it? Seems as if it is heading stright for DVD in North America (theatrical release in Japan), so Europe will probably get a DVD release some time in the future (probably in 2009?).

More news on the movie;

Resident Evil – the unreleased Gameboy Color version (1999)

If you look below, you will see some video footage of the unreleased Gameboy Color version of Resident Evil;

There is also a great picture of Chris as he battles the fountain monster in the Mansion – click here

Necropolis has some good stuff on the GBC version

GameBoy color preview of the Resident Evil game at IGN

Jill Valentine – The Master of Unlocking

Yup, more bad Resident Evil dialogue. I came across this one again while playing the rather fine ‘Resident Evil – Deadly Silence’ for the Nintendo DS. This is the full port of the original Resident Evil on the DS and it plays great. It even has the Japanese original cutscene of the first Zombie they encounter and the rolling head of Kenneth from the Bravo team. This scene was cut for the european release. There is a small piece about this here at the Resident Evil wiki.

Anyway, I was playing the game, and it only takes a few minutes for some really shonky dialogue to kick in. Now, I know that I have posted before on Resident Evil dialogue and how bad it is etc, but to really get an understanding of how bad it is, how it can undermine (albeit temporarily) the tension of the gaming experience, then you have to watch this (courtesy of some kind soul on youtube);

See? Who on earth would think of combining the words ‘unlocking’, ‘of, ‘master’ and ‘the’ in the same sentence? I think I understand now why the voice actor for Barry Burton, saddled with really bad dialogue throughout (‘what is this???’ etc), sounds kind of constipated and stilted, and at other times tired and emotional. He was probably trying very hard not to laugh through his lines. Maybe ‘what is this?’ did not refer to the events unfolding at the Mansion. Maybe it was the voice actor scanning his lines….

Review of Resident Evil – Deadly Silence at Gamespot