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The Road (The Movie) – Omar coming! Omar coming! (2009)

This is so exciting – if you have any interest in post-apocalypse fiction, the wonderful Viggo Mortensen, Cormac McCarthy or the awesome Guy Pearce OR brilliant Michael K. Williams (Omar from ‘The Wire’), then you need to check out this link;

The book is depressing, grim, bleak, touching and finally uplifting (but in a bittersweet way). It looks like the director, John Hillcoat, who directed ‘The Proposition’ has got the mood and feel completely nailed down. The pictures really do conjure up the end of everything, of civilisation, of how we live on earth. With Mortensen as the ‘father’, this promises to be something of an amazing ordeal (the book is not at all pleasant, but how could it be?), with a truly awful premise carried on some serious acting talent.

The book left me, in turns, deflated, emotional, in tears, somewhat angry at what we as a human race are capable of, somewhat relieved at the goodness and kindness that humans can show to each other, and altogether feeling I had read a modern classic. I have since read McCarthys ‘Blood Meridian’ and feel that the latter book is probably McCarthys defining work, but nevertheless, ‘The Road’ is am important book, a captivating read and one that leaves you questioning the world, the human race and lots of other big themes and smaller concerns. Some books you read in your life should challenge the way you think and feel, or consolidate your feelings about how you should act as a human and make them clearer to understand. This book does that.

The film is due for release early next year (January 2009). The book is available from all good bookstores, physical or otherwise.