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Review – Captain Britain & MI13 #13 (Marvel, 2009)

Vampire State, the current arc, is stupendously gripping, and this installment really shifts up a gear as Dracula and his legions embark upon their invasion of Britain, which is cut off ‘magically’ from the rest of the world. With Norman Osborn, Britains last hope of outside intervention, offering nothing, and the ‘real’ Avengers desperate to help but unable, it is down to Captain Britain, Pete Wisdom, Blade, Black Knight and Faiza Hussain to try and stem the awesome tide of the undead.

The pace does not let up, the plot switching effortlessly from frantic diplomatic efforts to the battlefield. By the end of the issue there looks to have been some dramatic developments – the death of at least one character, Britain in the grip of a terror unimaginable – and how this mid-issue of the arc effects the rest of the story is unclear. What is very clear is that Paul Cornell has fashioned a brillaintly simple but effective high concept (vampires led by dracula invade the UK) and with some imagination and foresight has managed to craft one of the titles of the year. It takes some second or even third string characters and makes them vital and heroic. Compulsive reading.

This is going to be one hell of a trade paperback. Its one hell of a comic, right in the midst of its strongest arc yet. Oh, and the final panel is a classic – pure cinematic vision.