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My favourite football shirt – Zaire 1978 World Cup

Seems to be worn on occasion by musicians (someone from the Zutons, one of Annie Lennox’s band), this shirt is seriously one of the best World Cup shirts, and my favourite football shirt ever. Zaire were the first African team to qualify for the World Cup Finals, and what a way to mark your presence! I just got one off ebay this week from a guy in Italy – here it is;

Isn’t it great? The Green, as opposed to the alternate Yellow strip, really does it for me. I think its the big symbol of a leopard attacking a ball in the centre of the shirt that does it for me.

This is the story of the Zaire / Congo DR National Football team;

and here is a view on the best and worst World Cup shirts;,16726,8009,00.html

you can get a (non-adidas) reproduction of the shirt at Toffs;

Toffs website