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Leave that dog alone! The Boys #32 solicitation (Dynamite, 2009)

Rating: MATURE
Covers: Darick Robertson
Writer: Garth Ennis
Penciller/Inker: CARLOS EZQUERRA
Colorist: TONY AVI´┐ŻA
Awards: N/A
Publication Date: JULY, 2009
Format: Comic Book
Rights: WW

UPC: 725130122636
MARKETING DESCRIPTION: With the Female gone and the survivors left reeling, the Boys find out who’s after them the hard way- walking straight into a nightmarish trap. Pulping teenage supes is one thing, but how will our heroes fair against a front-rank supe team of unimaginable power? Blood flies and bones shatter, as Butcher decides to meet fire with fire… in The Self-Preservation Society, part two.

taken from the Dynamite site;

What a cover! What is it with Ennis and Robertson and their use and abuse of animals in peril on their covers?

Poor Jamie the Hamster! More importantly – Poor Terror!