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Theme from Hawk the Slayer (1980)

Hawk the Slayer – glorious low budget British sword and sorcery from the bowels of the early 80s. From what I remember of it, when I watched it in a VHS frenzy one autumnal afternoon, was that it was not as good as The Beastmaster or The Sword and the Sorceror, but had a Britishness that appealed (it had Bernard Bresslaw as a Cyclops, for goodness sake – the only thing missing was Charles Hawtrey as a nobleman and it would have scaled the heights of greatness). It has Jack Palance as the villain. He should have teamed up with Rip Torn from The Beastmaster and he would have ruled the Universe easily. Would you like to hear the theme tune from composer Harry Robertson? It’s here;


Atlantis Interceptors Theme Tune (1983)

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I wrote about this film, Atlantis Interceptors (aka Atlantis Inferno, aka Raiders of Atlantis, aka Warriors of Atlantis) a while back – see here. Well, now I have something a little special……the theme tune in mp3 format! Here is that theme tune, ‘Black Inferno’ by Guido & Maurizio De Angelis;

Theme from Atlantis Interceptors (aka Atlantis Inferno)

You can also get it here, with a nice picture of the record sleeve;

Here is the trailer for the film;

Bronx Warriors theme tune (1982)

I previously posted a clip of the Bronx Warriors opening scene here;

but now I have gone one better and offer you the opening theme – so indulge yourself with the (John Carpenter inspired) moody electro score, by Walter Rizzati;

Bronx 1990

How can you go wrong with a movie that has the following taglines?

A Heavy Metal Journey Into An Urban Hell Where Everything Was Done Wrong!

The lucky ones were the first to die!

(courtesy of

Bronx Warriors (released in 1982), directed by Enzo G Castellari, mashes up elements of The Warriors (1979) and Escape from New York (1981) and is a lot of fun – it all seems a bit tongue in cheek;

The ‘Hells Angels ’69’ Theme Tune ‘Chase of Death’ by Tony Bruno, (1969)

Memorable for featuring real Hells Angels, including the infamous Sonny Barger – it is the rather brilliantly titles ‘Hells Angels 69’, which, if you are left with enough time to think about it, could cause your mind to conjure up all sorts of images, so stop and spare yourself that trauma and watch the trailer below, courtesy of the genius of youtube embedded code;

Here it is then – the theme tune to ‘Hells Angels ’69’, ‘Chase of Death’, by Tony Bruno;

Hells Angels 69 Soundtrack – Tony Bruno, Chase of Death

I know little about Tony Bruno. He seems to have done sporadic soundtrack work, but its varied to say the least – he scored the soundtrack for Boogie Boy and Deep Throat II amongst (very few others)

Tony Bruno at IMDB

Indie Hits of the Eighties – from Spizzenergi to Electronic, and Bob!!

The May edition of Mojo has arrived. I dont get the same excitement from receiving it that I did a couple of years ago, but that is probably more to do with me than the quality of Mojo, which is generally very good. It’s just that now I get more of a buzz from holding the latest issues of ‘Walking Dead’ or ‘Infinite Horizon’ in my hands.

Anyway, Mojo can still produce fantastic issues full of articles that I want to read and this month is one of them – there is a big article on The Specials and The Black Keys, both well written, informative and great photos. In the ‘Ask Fred’ section, where there is a regular section on music resources on the internet, a short piece can send you into Indie raptures. That is, if you were an Indie fan between 1980 and 1989, then you really should check this out;

it is the online version of a book that Cherry Red publishes. Compiled by the late Barry Lazell, this is an exhaustive but thoroughly enjoyable resource cataloguing the Indie hits between 1980 and 1989. To clarify, this was at a time when the Indie charts were a seperate entity, detailing the burgeoning ‘DIY’ scene that incoporated such disparate talents as The Smiths, Dead Kennedys, Toyah & Half Man Half Biscuit (and so many more). For example, here is the first and last Indie number ones of the 1980s;

Where’s Captain Kirk? – Spizzenergi

Getting Away With It – Electronic

There’s an A-Z section covering all the bands whoever had an entry in the charts, and various stats lists (artists with most weeks at no.1, longest chart runs by albums).

As a child I would read Smash Hits (my first issue had David Sylvian on the cover, posing in a raincoat with a brolly). In Smash Hits they had the Indie top 10, and the summer of 1981 had such exotic entries as ‘Neu Smell’ by Flux Of Pink Indians. I would try to impress my primary school companions with this knowledge, but they were not impressed. Maybe I can try the same trick with my work colleagues now I have this resource available online? If nothing else, it will probably jog my memory on some of the stuff I have forgtten about after I embraced Indie (from about 1986 onwards). For example, Bands like Bob;

London-based guitar-pop quartet noted for their sharp songwriting, jointly fronted by vocalist/guitarists Richard Blackborow and Simon Armstrong, along with Jem Morris (bass) and Dean Leggett (drums).
KIRSTY (Sombrero OMBRER 2) (12″ only) 17 2 11/6/88
ESMERELDA BROOKLYN (House Of Teeth HOT 003) 12 2 28/10/89


You see, I have learned something already – the only single I have by Bob is called ‘Convenience’, and it obviously never made the charts. That is an injustice that I doubt we can fix with an online petition.


Cherry Red Records

Mojo Magazine

You might also be interested in indie-mp3 keeping the faith and preserving Indie & obscure peel sessions!

SWAT (TV series) intro – 1976

Dont know a lot about the show – it was a short-lived Aaron Spelling series from the 70’s. Not even sure if we got to see it in the U.K. The main reason I am posting this is becasue of the FANTASTIC theme music. A version of this, by the group Rhythm Heritage, got to No.1 on the US billboard chart in 1976. Its an uptempo funky classic with a real urgency about it. It got sampled by Lauren Hill on ‘Sweetest Thing’ and The Prodigy on ‘Funky Shit’. For more information, check out the links here and here

More about Rhythm Heritage

You can get ‘Theme From SWAT’ by Rhythm Heritage on this fine album and find out a bit more info on DJ Pogo here

SWAT the TV series at Wikipedia (not much information on there to be honest)

Someone called SuperFuzz has put together a good mix of early hip hop classics including ‘Schools Out’ by Mekon feat. Schooly D, which samples ‘Theme from SWAT’. Well worth listening too, he also gives a tracklisting and some observations. Here’s the link;