Radiohead – In Rainbows

So we know that Radiohead released an album a few days ago, and you could buy it for FREE. After about 10 minutes of deliberating I paid a fiver for it (the average, apparently, is £4). This isn’t a review, but I think it’s the best thing they have done since OK Computer. Previous to last week, I thought they would never better Kid A with a new release (especially after ‘Hail To The Thief’ which i purchased and ignored once I had got bored of listening to ‘2+2=5’). This album is more about presenting a strong set of tunes, ditching some (not all) of the studio trickery and sheer bloodymindedness that characterised their previous noughties output. Thom Yorke sounds energised, which is good news for the band, the listener and the album. I have played it constantly over the last few days, and if you are a Radiohead fan, then pay a reasonable sum into their online ‘honesty box’ and download it, because it bridges the gaps between all their previous work, and all the moods of Radiohead, into a satisfying, coherent set of songs.

I love it. Thanks Radiohead.

Drowned in Sound have a lively messageboard devoted to the question ‘How much did you pay?’;

Drowned in Sound

Here is the Radiohead site;


Here’s where you get ‘in rainbows’;

in rainbows

Another TV Hijacking!! November 22nd, 1987

Talking of TV Hijacking, which I did a couple of posts back, led me to doing a bit more research on this subject. There’s not a huge amount on the subject, because there haven’t been that many ‘hijacks’ (in the sense that the signal has been taken and used for subversive purposes – see my earlier post about ‘Vrillion’). I did, however, come across this incident in late 1987 on American TV. The Wiki entry summarises the incident neatly;

“The Max Headroom pirating incident was a television signal hijacking in Chicago, Illinois on the evening of November 22, 1987; it is an example of what is known in the television business as broadcast signal intrusion. The hijacker was successful in interrupting two television stations within 3 hours; and, as of 2007, neither he nor his accomplices have been found or even identified.”

taken from

The hijack occured on 2 seperate occasions that night on 2 seperate channels – one interruption during a sports bulletin, the second during a showing of the Dr Who episode ‘Horror Of Fang Rock’ (here’s a news bulletin on the incident);

Damn Interestings take on the hijack
An Article on the Incident
Transcript of an email from 1987 where the issue is discussed
TNS article part I
TNS article part II

Finally, theres a couple of other places you can see this;

Labyrinth 13 report

The Hijack footage on Vimeo


Check it out – the Grand Comics Database Project. It describes itself as;

The Grand Comic-Book Database Charter

We are building a simple database that will be easy to use and understand, easy to add to, and easy for people to contribute to.

We will include information on creator credits, story details, and other information useful to the comic book reader and fan.

If we are able to take this to its ultimate conclusion, this database will contain data for every comic book ever published.

This project is for us, and the people like us. We will use this as a comic-book database which can be searched and sorted. The database will be a resource for fans, hobbyists and collectors, with no commercial objectives.

Basically, if you want to search for a comic cover – it’s there, indexed and catalogued and there in full colour. It is a fantastic project. For example, I wanted to track down the first US marvel comic I purchased – I knew it was Conan, around later 82 / early 83. Within a minute, it was there;

If you are into Comic art (and I find Comic Cover art the most exciting and dynamic) then you need to check this site out.

Its here;