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Review – Crossed #7 (Avatar, 2009)

In which all vestiges of hope for the future are extinguished.

After what seems months, a new issue of Crossed arrives. In it, the survivors are on the run from the pursuing ‘Crossed’, led by the very big, really angry ‘Horse Cock’ man. They cross terrain! We see a Crossed barbecue! There is water action. The whole thing is pretty thrilling, the sense of fear the Crossed instill very much at the forefront of proceedings.

The ending is sad and brutal and pretty shocking and – wait for it – handled with an amount of subtlety that is not always present in this series. Yes it has the trademark ‘Crossed’ savagery, the expected sharp tongue and brutal choices, but it is done in a particularly sensitive way.

I am trying to say that I enjoyed this issue. Whatever lies ahead, this issue was a turning point, for several reasons – although all hope seems to be gone, at least the Survivors started to show some spirit – there was the beginning of a fight back, of resistance, of turning and confronting fear. With 2 issues left, this series is firmly back on track.