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Best Ever Spring Singles no. 5 – "We Close Our Eyes’ by Go West (1985)

“We Close Our Eyes”, aided by a video shot by crack 80s promo directors Godley & Creme, spent fourteen weeks on the UK Singles Chart, its highest position being number 5 in April 1985. The video is a major factor in its appeal, as both Peter Cox and Richard Drummie (good lord, why do their names come to me so easily??) do battle with wooden mannequins in scenes eerily reminiscent of the skeleton battle that Ray Harryhausen orchestrated with his stop-motion brilliance in Jason and the Argonauts;

Yes, it is cheesy, with its blaring 80s synths and nonsense lyrics about being ‘tigers in the dark’ and a ‘no show Wednesday girl waits with the wine’, but it is also catchy and funny and frothy and I love it. They also look like they were having a lot of fun in the video. My mom had the album and I was even known to play that on occasion. The sleeve for the single (which is similar in theme to the first album cover) is so 80s it nearly has its jacket sleeves rolled up (and look – its the scary mannequins!)