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TWLB is 5 today / another BIBA advert from the sixties

The first TWLB post was 5 years ago today, on the 26th of March, 2007. In the time between then and now there has been a further 800+ posts, the frequency ranging from very productive (circa 2009) to nearly non-existent (the back-end of 2011). And somehow, despite thinking last year that I had done as much as I could with blogging, TWLB keeps chugging along on a semi-regular basis, and if it keep some people entertained for a few moments then its doing its job. To all who drop by, who comment, who add to the discussion and the topics – THANK YOU!!!

To celebrate, here is a continuation of the subject of my first post – another BIBA advert from the Sixties (and I have no idea why I chose a BIBA advert from the Sixities as my opening gambit for the blog, other than it was an interesting image);

Biba & TWLB

This blog is 3 years old this month. It started off inauspiciously and has pretty much carried on that way, but I would like to thank anyone and everyone who bothers to read what I chuck out onto this blog. I appreciate it. And all the people who leave comments, like Nick, Nigel M and ecofugal, thank you.

The first post I put out was a picture of a BIBA advert. Cannot for the life of me think why I posted it now. I have no particular interest in BIBA, the advert is not particularly striking, and is pretty far removed from the usual content I publish here. Never mind. To celebrate 3 years of TWLB, here is a pretty picture from BIBA;

and here is to another 3 years before I post another BIBA picture (maybe).