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Batman TV series – the screen tests (1965)

A while back, I posted an article about the aborted Wonder Women TV series as envisaged by William Dozier. While searching around about that, I came across some video of Doziers greatest creation, the TV iteration of ‘Batman’. I never realised that there was anyone else in the frame for the casting of the Caped Crusader and The Boy Wonder – it just seems perfectly natural that it was Adam West and Burt Young, as if they were pre-destined to be in that show. Anyway, here are the screen tests, including the Lyle Waggoner / Peter Deyell try-out, and you can make up your mind on which is the better one;

Batman TV trivia courtesy of IMDB

Wonder Woman by William Dozier!! (1967)

William Dozier, the producer AND narrator of the exemplary 1960s TV show ‘Batman’, seemingly had his sights set on nothing less than the complete DC universe filtered through his unique camp lens. Here is the short test reel for a planned TV adaptation (very much in the style of the ‘Batman’ series) of ‘Wonder Woman’;

Sadly, the plan never got farther than that test reel. For more in depth articles on this abortive TV series, check out these links;