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Best Ever Game Intros – No.2 – Tekken 3 (1998)

Ah, the genius of Tekken 3. Whilst both Tekken and its sequel, Tekken 2, were head and shoulders above the 3D fighting competition on the Playstation (its rivals, such as Battle Arena Toshinden just didnt compare in terms of playability or graphics), the franchise swansong on the PS1 was a defining statement. Released in 1998, the Playstation port of Tekken 3 was a near perfect translation of the arcade original (released in 1997), with lots of extras that Namco thoughtfully crammed onto a single PS disc. Amongst the extras was ‘Tekken Force’, a brilliant side scrolling Final Fight / Streets of Rage arcade scrapper. Once played, it is not easily forgotten, and I still catch myself, from time to time, intoning ‘Chicken!!!’ in the style of the Tekken Force vocal actor.

I remember seeing the game playing on Japanese import in a game shop in Hull in the early summer of 1998, and being absolutley stunned by it. When it finally hit the UK in that September, it was evident that I was playing possibly the finest PS game, and definately the best fighter for the machine. Before you can begin playing though, you get treated to an amazing cinematic intro, giving brief but beatifully realised back stories to the combatants taking part in the ‘King Of Iron Fist Tournament 3‘ aka Tekken 3. From the pounding soundtrack to the stunning water effects and crowd sequences, the intro makes a bold statement – that this is a game you cannot ignore – that the game more than lives up to. I never really followed Tekken beyond the PS, although I played it on the GBA and PS2. Nothing could live up to Tekken 3.

And my favourite character was Bryan Fury – the way he did a reverse elbow smash followed by a piledriver punch was sheer class. Complete bastard though, a psychotic cyborg reanimated by the shadowy Dr Abel.

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