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Space 1999 lolly from Lyons Maid – wrapper and television advert! (1976)

Space 1999 was the second live action television production from the fertile imagination of Gerry Anderson. But I don’t want to talk about the show itself – I want to talk about the ice lolly of the show!

Produced by Lyons Maid, the Space 1999 iced lolly was launched in the mid-70’s, and each lolly came with a free card. Here is the wrapper;

and here is one of the cards (there were 25 to collect in total);

Finally, here is the (short but rather splendid) television advert, illustrated by the great Frank Bellamy;

More information on the advert here.

Jam, Cereal, Chocolate, Sweets…..TV Action food advertising in the 70’s! (1970s)

TV Action (published by Polystyle Publications) was a comic that ran in the early to mid 70s, publishing comic strips of popular TV shows of the day (and was the successor to Countdown). But all I am interested in today is showing you these wonderful adverts for food, treats and sweets that generally graced the back pages in glorious inky colour!

Psychedelic Ice Cream – Kinky & Freak Out (the late Sixties and early Seventies, obviously)

It’s that time of year (the Summer!) – the time when all you want to do is eat frozen lumps of flavoured ice on a wooden stick (and don’t you just hate it when you lick the dry bit of the stick at the bottom by mistake?). Ice Lollies are a reflection of the times – it’s true! For instance, it reflects what is popular in culture, like ‘Bionic’ lollies – you wouldn’t sell many nowadays (except to sad sack nostalgists like me), but in the Seventies – form a queue please boys and girls!

As it was in the Seventies, so it was also in the Sixties. This stupendoulsy of-its-time (around 1968) advert for ‘The Wildest Ice Cream Idea Ever’ is courtesy of Lew Stringers blog

and a good find it is too – because if you were searching for a lolly called ‘Kinky’, then trust me, by putting ‘kinky lolly’ in as a search in Google gets you some fruity results, but they don’t relate to anything made by Walls or Ice Cream (and they are NSFW). I remember Kinky as a sticker on the Tonibell ice cream van window during my early years, but cannot recall eating them (I was more of a Lord Toffingham, Dalek Death Ray or Count Dracula’s Deadly Secret fan). It seems that ‘Kinky’ also transcended its Psychedelic Shack-les and was involved in other promotions, like the chance to win your very own hovercraft (which sounds absolutely incredible – and if anyone out there actually owned one, can you confirm what it was like to have a personal kiddie sized hovercraft please?). Anyway, here is the advert, ‘New’ Kinky nestled in between ‘New’ Jumbo and ‘New’ Sky Ray 3 (these names are so awesome – Sky Ray 3 sounds like a series that Gerry Anderson should have made right after Thunderbirds);

Walls’ competitor, Lyons Maid, also had a hippie / psychedelic rival to ‘Kinky’, although it was released in 1973, namely the troubling ‘Freak Out’ (‘troubling’ as in the name ‘Freak Out’ – like, did they spike Lollies in the UK like they spiked the Kool-Aid in the US???). Anyway, at the rather touching ‘KZWP’ site, we have proof of the fact of a lolly named ‘Freak Out’ in the form of a badge;

Check out the visuals! A few slurps on ‘Freak Out’ and your favourite singer (in this case, clearly modeled on Robert Plant) gets a very fiery complexion, with big waves of colour emanating from his head, as his eyes roll back in his head – or maybe his pupils have just…..disappeared….jesus….i’m freakingout…took too many slurps on that Lyons iced lolly……..

The site describes the lolly itself as ‘A strawberry and lemon ice cream marbled together to form a psychedelic pattern on a stick. Price 5p.‘. See the site for yourself here.

Quatro – the fizzy drink with the futurepunk advert! (1984)

It (Quatro) was a fizzy drink that was around for a few years in the Eighties and tasted like a more chemically treated Lilt. Imagine that. The most memorable thing about the product was the faintly cyberpunk adverts with some jerky video trickery. Despite the post-industrial / slightly post-apocalyptic setting, it is good to know they still have vending machines around then. There is also a faintly ‘Tron’ vibe with the light streams hitting the fruit. The guy looks like he has come off the set of ‘Wild Boys‘. For some reason I remembered him hitting the vending machine harder than what he does hit it.

Jif Dessert Toppings Press Advert (1979)

Remember these things? Fruity syrup to splash all over your dessert (where Ice Cream would have been the most obvious choice) that came in a range of flavours – I am sure you can still get the Strawberry one. Anyway – 3 paper labels from these things plus £1 got you a space calender that would tell you what day a date fell on right through until ‘2001 ad’! Good job too – advertising a 1979 calender in the midst of the summer holidays isn’t the brightest promotion idea ever.

Taken from 2000ad & Starlord prog 126, 18th of August 1979.

Update – Walls ‘Count Draculas Deadly Secret’ advert (1976)

Taken from issue 22 of the British comic Action, dated 10th of July 1976. These were the upgraded lollies, with the ‘trace-a-face’ gimmick, which was a plastic template type stick, replacing the traditional wooden variety. Great advert, remember this one well. How often do you get to see Dracula standing next to a Walls branded ice cream freezer?? Also, how fantastic would it have been to win a movie projector with reels of horror film thrown in? Wonder what the film was – any bets on it starring a certain Vampire, and being one of the Hammer films, or one of the older Univeral horrors starring Bela Lugosi?

This is a follow up post from a lolly themed one I did a few weeks back – for that one (which includes other ads for ‘Count Draculas Deadly Secret’, go here.

Golden Wonder Kung Fuey snack advert from Action comic (1976)

An advert from the back page of the British comic Action, issue 35, dated 9th October 1976. Kung Fuey snacks were, as I recall, a bit like round wotsits but with a lot more MSG. I loved both varieties, though the Cheese & Ham (in the black packet, somewhat obscured in the advert) was my favourite. I know that you can start petitions to bring back your favourite crisps, so I may consider kicking off a Kung Fuey campaign. The child in the ad looks like a suedehead in training, but he would probably need to do something about those sandals.

By the way, 99p for a Kite with a Dragon on it is a bargain.