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The Beastmaster Theme (1982)

I have a recollection of Gary Terzza hosting some School Summer Holiday morning Kids TV (or at least doing the continuity for it) for Central in 1983. Despite Return of the Jedi dominating the cinema that year, when Gary told the Midlands viewing public about this beauty, accompanied by a clip of the movie, I had to watch it. ‘The Beastmaster’ was a load of Sword & Sorcery / Conan inspired nonsense about a man called Dar ( a pre ‘VMarc Singer) who can communicate and control animals in the fight against evil etc…. It was perfect VHS video fare, and is well worth a look (the trailer is below). It has Rip Torn in it (as the Villain, Maax)- and that should be recommendation enough.

Here is the theme tune by Lee Holdridge, a Basil Poledouris / Conan The Barbarian inspired Orchestral piece;

The Beastmaster Main Theme (aka The Legend of Dar)

and here is the trailer;