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Review – Young Liars #15 (Vertigo, 2009)

Warning – Mild Spoilers.

First off – great choices of song for the cassette this time around – Sabotage by the Beastie Boys and Perfect Day by Lou Reed.

This issue sees Danny try to reinvent the reality from a few issues ago, with a
DJ Slik beinf persuaded to become the rich and adventurous Truman Runco, and more bizarrely, Lorelei’s (aka Sadie’s) therapist Dr Rivera being coerced into being Donatella. It is head spinning, you know that if you read it, with some amazing twists, and Sadie / Lorelei not looking as invincible anymore. Here she seems so fragile and vulnerable, nothing like the Sadie from the early issues, seemingly dominated by Danny Duoshade / Noonan into recreating his fantasy world to save the world from alien spiders…

It is a trip, and the ending is wow……with an image straight out of The Truman Show. The cover gives you a clue. Very Philip K Dick. So, David Lapham wins again – he manages to twist and turn and go back on in himself and still come up with the goods. Let us hope the recent cancellation announcement, and its impending demise with issue #18 does not force his hand or curtail his bravado.